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Joining Young Marines

Young Marine recruit training is conducted in order to teach the Performance Objectives necessary to become a basically trained Young Marine who can succeed in school, at home, and in the Young Marine program. Young Marine recruit training is comprised of 26 training hours. Initial training focuses on building discipline, physical fitness, basic close order drill, and mastery of the Young Marine Performance Objectives for recruits.

There are three graduation requirements for the successful completion of Young Marine recruits training.

  1. Be signed off on all required Performance Objectives for recruit training.
  2. Perform and record the Young Marine Physical Fitness Test.
  3. Meet the minimum required attendance of not more than 3 excused absences during Young Marine recruit training

The initial cost to join the program is $25. This covers insurance, and Batallion, and Regemental dues. Upon joining our unit, each Young Maine recruit is provided with a red Young Marine T-shirt, basic guide book, and a cover (hat).

You and your son/daughter (perspective Young Marine) are encouraged to observe a regularly-scheduled weekly meeting to better understand what we do.

Upon completion of Young Marine recruit training each Young Marine is provided with a full camoflauge uniform, belt, necessary unit patches, boots, blousing bands.

The annual fee is $25 (which again is used to cover the cost of insurance, and Batallion, and Regemental dues) and is due every year between August 1st thru September 30th.

If you have further questions, please contact the Unit Commander (see “Contact Us” page)